Dr. Atakem with a Pug after a physical exam

Dr. Aris Atakem

Dr. Aris Atakem graduated from veterinary school in Senegal (West Africa) in 2006. He moved to the United States and completed an academic review program and an Instructional Clinical Year at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine from 2009 to 2010. His areas of special interest are soft-tissue and orthopedic surgeries, arthritis and obesity. Dr. Aris was the first African-American veterinarian to use the newer techniques of single-port laparoscopic surgery back in 2007. He enjoys hiking, skiing, basketball, football, american football, martial arts and dancing, and he lives in Westminster with a lovely border collie mix named Sasha.


Lena Heard, CVT

Lena is a certified veterinary technician. She graduated from the Front Range Community College Veterinary Technology program in 2016. She has been working in the animal world for several years and has experience in the doggie daycare field as well as in clinical work. After working for a boarding facility she decided to pursue her career in veterinary technology. She enjoys hiking, camping, and volunteering with a local non-profit dog rescue in her free time. At the end of the day she goes home to three chinchillas: Luna, Mischief, and Apollo; two Cats: Chulo, and Loki, a very Playful Chow/Australian Shepard Mix: Theodore, and her rabbit named Mr. Ralph.

Natasha “Tasha” Crabtree, LVT

Tasha is a proud licensed technician. Originally from California, Tasha worked at an animal hospital from a young age. Initially, she worried that dealing with sick and abused animals every day might get to her, but she persevered. She attended vet tech school at Pima Medical Institute in Las Vegas. Working her way across the U.S. in various veterinary clinics, she met Dr. Atakem while working under Animal Planet’s Dr. Jeff : Rocky Mountain Vet in Denver. She enjoys volunteering her time and skill set assisting in small animal sterilization clinics all over the world. Tasha is currently a student pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Tasha shares her home with her husband Chris and their three pugs Peanut, Peachy Chan and Deeder; their Boston terrier Spokes; and their two cats Lil’ Pew and Kitty.