Pet Insurance

Trupanion and Pumpkin

It is always sad when a pet owner has to make a decision on doing what is best for their pet based on money or worse yet when an owner is faced with economic euthanasia. Pet insurance has come a long way and now offers a great way for you to protect your pet’s health. We’ve done some of the research for you and two companies seem to stand out: Trupanion and Pumpkin pet insurance.


  • Coverage for all new injuries and illnesses*
  • We pay the hospital directly — so no more reimbursement
  • Unlimited payout for the life of your pet


  • Yep! Get 90% (not UP TO 90%) cash back on covered vet bills
  • No sneaky insurance add-on fees, breed or upper age restrictions
  • No preventive care requirements or 6-month waiting periods hiding in the fine print of your policy
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