Checklist: Does My Dog Have a “Torn ACL” (CrCL)?

When your dog is in pain, time matters…and so does budget.

At Liberty Animal Hospital, we understand.

‘Does my dog have a torn ACL?’ We hear this question a lot. Since dogs have four legs they do not have an Anterior Cruciate Ligament. They instead have what is called a Cranial Cruciate Ligament, or CrCL.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE ON THE LEFT to download the PDF checklist: “Does My Dog Have a ‘Torn ACL’ (CrCL)?” If your dog has 2 or more symptoms, a vet visit is indicated. Call Liberty Animal Hospital at 720-306-9900 to schedule an exam.

If it turns out that your dog *does* have a torn or ruptured cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL) and needs corrective TPLO surgery, Liberty Animal Hospital is your best choice.

If you’re looking around for a vet to perform TPLO surgery, you might experience:

PROBLEM #1: The hospital you call does perform the surgery. But the next available appointment isn’t for 8 weeks or more. You feel awful thinking of your dog suffering in pain for that long.

PROBLEM #2: The hospital you call does perform the surgery. But they’re quoting you a price your budget cannot absorb. You feel awful and you wonder what you can do for your pet.

Liberty Animal Hospital is the Solution

Fast Scheduling for TPLO Surgery

We can typically schedule your dog’s TPLO surgery within 5 business days! Dr. Aris performs the surgery himself. Many other vets don’t…and so they have to wait until a specialist comes to them.

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Affordable Pricing for TPLO Surgery

Our TPLO pricing is very competitive! It includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Initial x-rays (we do our own, using very specific positioning that lets us see exactly what we need to properly perform the surgery and give the best chance for a successful outcome)
  • Pre-surgical lab work (this lets us assess anesthesia safety and identify any factors that could affect the speed of healing)
  • Anesthesia (inducing anesthesia, maintaining the proper level of anesthesia during the procedure, and complete patient monitoring before, during, and after the surgery by a trained vet tech)
  • The surgery itself (plate and screws)
  • Pain management before, during, and after the surgery (OPTIONAL: A newly-approved injection that provides up to 3 days of continuous post-surgery pain relief is available, if you choose, for an additional charge.)
  • Same-day post-surgery x-rays to ensure the goals of the surgery were met
  • Pain Management solutions for at-home care.
  • Your pet gets to go home the same day!
  • The surgery report is sent back to referring veterinarian
  • Recheck and removal of surgical staples at visit 2 weeks post-surgery

Skilled TPLO Surgery

Read What Recent TPLO Clients Have Said…

Dr. Aris came highly recommended by other vets in the area. Our 90-lb. Lab needed a TPLO surgery and two other vets were unsure if they could complete the procedure effectively. It has been one week and our fur baby is already trying to be a normal dog again. Dr. Aris offered a pain killer that would last 3 days to give him more comfort during the worst of the recovery time and we could tell the difference. He was more comfortable, and that is all a dog mommy can ask for. I love my dog and Dr. Aris loves him too; that’s why I will always go back to Liberty Animal Hospital. Thank you Dr. Aris for a successful surgery! – Nicole Marie (via Facebook; Aug. 13, 2017)

It has been almost 2 weeks since our Bernese Mountain/Great Pyrenees dog Svea went under the knife for her TPLO. We had the operation done on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. Our veterinarian, Dr. Aris Atakem and the entire staff at Liberty Animal Hospital was wonderful while making us feel at ease. Dr. Atakem recommended a new pain management drug named Nocita. We noticed it did work for a few days to help with the pain. When we brought her home on Wednesday night, she was a dog that really had no idea what had happened to her after surgery. She was in some discomfort but we truly did not hear any vocal cries to share with us any tremendous pain. I would recommend this pain reduction product named Nocita for any family thinking about getting a TPLO done on their dog. – Chris & Tessa Manning (via Facebook; Aug. 29, 2017)


Consistent 5-star reviews on Facebook and Yelp

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About Our Fee

* Even with the most skilled surgeon and best care, unforeseen complications may arise. Treatment beyond what is listed here will be charged in addition when medically necessary. Your pet will need to have a recheck 2 months after surgery to evaluate recovery, bone healing and answer any questions that you may have. That recheck is billed separately from the initial surgery. Dr. Aris will keep in communication with you regarding your dog’s progress and will notify you of any additional treatment needs if complications occur.

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