Fracture Repair

Whether it is by accident or routine playful activity, fractures can happen. Anytime the amount of force that goes through a bone is greater than its resistance, the bone can break. At Liberty Animal Hospital, we are outfitted with the knowledge, experience, and equipment to repair broken bones.

Does my pet have a fracture?

One or more of these symptoms or accidents may indicate the presence of a fracture:

  • Sudden onset of non-weight bearing lameness
  • Sudden onset of non-weight bearing lameness and swelling of a body part, usually a limb.
  • Sudden onset of non-weight bearing lameness after a strenuous exercise
  • Lameness non-responsive to pain medicine administration
  • Hit by a car
  • Kicked by a horse

What to Do Next?

Please give us a call immediately! A physical examination along with x-rays will help determine whether your pet has a fracture or not. If a fracture is diagnosed, additional diagnostics such as a bloodwork and urine test will be necessary to rule out the most common internal abnormalities prior to going under anesthesia. Your pet will be prescribed a set of pain medications and will be scheduled for surgery.

Fracture Repair: The Surgery

Fracture repair can be classified as internal fixation or external fixation. With internal fixation, the implants such as a bone plate and screws are used to stabilize the fracture and are not visible from the outside. External fixation uses a set of pins and bars and some of those implants will be visible from the outside.

Fracture Repair: The Recovery

The recovery period will last 3-4 months. Your pet’s activity will be restricted to routine leash walks only during the recovery period. Cats will typically be required to stay indoors and not allowed to be jumping and running. With proper stabilization, and when discharge instructions are adequately followed, most fractures will heal within 3-4 months. Another set of x-rays will be taken 2 months after the surgery to evaluate how well the bone is healing. At that time, you will be updated with your pet’s likelihood to fully recover and return to running again 2 months later.

At Liberty Animal Hospital, we share the same goals as you in that we want your pet to be back to full activity and be pain-free. Please give us a call, or schedule an appointment online, if you think your pet might have a fracture or if you think he/she might be in pain.

Fracture Repair