Wellness Exam

From the time they are born all the way through their senior years, your dogs and cats deserve a good quality of life. The best way to help provide the standard of care that will prevent or treat most illnesses that may come their way is through routine annual or bi-annual exams.

Regular dental care, vaccinations, the control of parasites through routine fecal testing, and a well-balanced diet are key elements for the prevention of disease. Pets age more rapidly than we do, so regularly scheduled wellness exams are very important for their overall quality of life. When they turn 7 years of age or more, it is best to bring them in every 6 months for a physical examination and routine diagnostics.

Our Wellness Check-up Checklist:

  • Updates on vaccinations status. All pets are required to have a current rabies vaccination. If they do not, it’s ok, they will just be required to obtain one when they come in.
  • We will keep track of their weight to ensure we give the proper advice when there are gaining or losing a lot of weight
  • Eyes and ears
  • Complete oral examination as much as your pet will allow us to
  • Skin and coat, palpation of lumps or masses
  • Heart and lungs auscultation for abnormal sounds
  • Yearly heartworm test
  • Bloodwork, a urine test, and a fecal analysis will tell us more about what is happening inside the body.

Pet Health Can Deteriorate Quickly

Your pet’s health can change rapidly because of their relatively shorter lifespan. The gradual onset of disease in apparently healthy pets can often go unnoticed. Many conditions are treated more effectively when diagnosed early. For these reasons, we recommend regular wellness exams along with routine diagnostics tests to include bloodwork, a urine test, and a fecal examination to give us a clear picture of what their health status is. Without diagnostics, some changes that take place internally might be missed and give us a false sense of your pets being fully healthy.

Senior Pet Health

With the advancements made in science and medicine, pets are living longer than ever. With that, the potential for age-related illnesses also increases. Recent studies have shown that 20% of dogs and cats over the age of seven years have serious undetected medical conditions. For that reason, we recommend seeing your senior pet every 6 months for a wellness exam.

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Wellness Exam - Dog Receiving a Lovingly Gentle Check from our Veterinarian Doctor