training-dog-chew-destructive-shoeJanuary is National Train Your Dog Month. Training your dog to be a well-behaved canine citizen promotes safety and strengthens the bond you share. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) has created an entire website specifically to help pet owners do exactly that.

Here’s a sample of the resources you can access through their site: 

Training for Dogs that Bark Excessively 

Dogs bark for many reasons – if they feel threatened, if they feel playful, if they want attention, if they are in pain, or if they are lonely, bored, or stressed. For every reason a dog barks, careful training can help an owner determine the cause and teach the dog appropriate behaviors. 

Training for Dogs that are Afraid of Storms and Fireworks 

Watching a dog tremble with fear during a storm will tear at the heart of any dog owner. And if the dog’s fear gets to be too much, it can lead to destructive behavior and even aggression. For these dogs, training can focus on lessening the dog’s fear through desensitization therapy, soothing the dog with massage or with tools such as a “ThunderShirt” that help it feel safe, redirecting the dog’s focus, or even using certain homeopathic remedies or essential oils.  

Training for Dogs that Chew Destructively 

Dogs chew for one or more of three reasons: teething (yup, just like babies!), boredom, or separation anxiety. Training for chewing that’s getting out of hand can include providing alternatives such as durable and interesting chew toys, using baby gates or crate training to limit the dog’s access to tempting items, and ensuring your dog is getting exercise for his body and his mind.   

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